Club 360 personal trainers understand that everyone is different. Most importantly, personal training must be individualised to achieving maximum results. Every Club 360 personal trainer is fully qualified and hold various  University Degrees and certificates in massage, nutrition, and more. Therefore, we are especially capable of delivering you the results you desire, and most importantly, in a positive and encouraging environment.

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Club 360 has 2 convenient locations in central Tokyo: “By the Hills” in Motoazabu and “By the Tower” in Higashiazabu. Upon booking, please let us know which location you prefer.

Personal Training- what to expect:

The first step in our approach is to listen to your story. Every individual comes to us with different athletic, training, and medical backgrounds and histories. Also, people’s beliefs and attitudes greatly affect their response to training; this is considered when applying any training intervention. Goals are developed together between client and coach, and are based on a realistic commitment level.

Once training history has been established, the next step is a comprehensive objective assessment, which is a series of movement competency evaluations. Regardless of the goal, fitness must be built upon good movement. Basic movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, bending, twisting, and gait are screened to ascertain to what degree these patterns are safe to load. These tests are combined with assessments of posture and range of movement, to identify potential muscle and joint imbalances that may influence exercise selection and future progression. The last group of tests are specific to your goals, include: an assessment of body composition, strength, power, aerobic endurance or other functional tasks.

Using the information gleaned from our subjective and objective assessments, we formulate an individualised programme to help you reach your goals as well as enhancing your movement quality. The aforementioned movement patterns are loaded using a wide variety of different implements and exercises, leading to improvements in your physical capacity. The progression of these exercises is specifically tailored to your needs and abilities, under the watchful eyes of your highly experienced personal trainer. Club 360’s resistance training gym and large open studio offers the perfect environment and tools to maximise your training.

Throughout your personal training process, lifestyle and nutrition factors are earnestly taken into account to maximise your response to personal training and help you achieve the results you both desire and Your initial assessment is continually reviewed and repeated to ensure your goals are being met and realised.