Bianca PenningExercise Physiologist

    Bianca Penning (Physiologist)

    Bianca Penning graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology from UNSW in Sydney, Australia. As an exercise physiologist she focuses on prevention and management of chronic disease and injury through the use of personalised exercise education and programming. She has had experience helping clients with conditions including but not limited to: arthritis, osteoporosis, metabolic and oncology rehab. Her qualifications allow her to assist individuals to use exercise as a tool to target their condition, to gain the greatest benefits – with a strong personal belief that ‘exercise is medicine’.

    Being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at a young age resulted in Bianca having a greater awareness of the importance of exercise to achieve optimal health. She applies this attitude to both personal and professional health and is enthusiastic about sharing with others her knowledge on the benefits of exercise and health.


    • Bachelor of Exercise Physiology – The University of New South Wales, Sydney
    • CFSC Level I- Certified Functional Strength Coach
    • Level I ISAK