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Club 360’s boot camp is fabulous. It’s motivating, stimulating and challenging. They do an excellent job of helping each person meet their personal fitness level. They carefully watch your form throughout the class and make sure you are doing the exercises properly. With their constant guidance, instruction and expertise, I have become fitter now than I have ever been and have more energy and strength than ever before. It is an inspiring program with no two days exactly alike therefore there is never a chance to get bored. I highly recommend the classes to anyone wanting to improve their fitness and overall health.


I’d like to highly recommend Club 360! I started working out there just a couple of months after the birth of my third child. I had always worked out, but never done boot camp. I did feel intimidated by the running and boxing. However, I quickly learned how much fun, invigorating, and truly addictive these workouts are. The Club is full of exceptionally knowledgeable and professional trainers, while also being fun and always keeping the program different and upbeat. I truly looked forward to going to bootcamp: rain or shine, summer or winter, it was always a joy to see Lani’s smiling face and to chat with the other women during classes. In addition, I have worked out with both Lani and Nathan for personal training and the feeling is the same: the routine is never dull, they will challenge you and help you achieve your personal best. In the year and a half I worked out with them, I reached a much higher level of fitness and strength than I had ever had before. In addition, I feel more coordinated, have a stronger core, and approach all exercise with a better posture, creating better results. I highly suggest that no matter your fitness level, you try Club 360’s bootcamp or personal training: the classes are tough so don’t give up after the first time. You need to make a commitment to attend at least 3 sessions so that you can begin to understand the impact that their training can have on your personal fitness goals. Enjoy your workouts! Also, try a facial or massage from the Elana Jade Salon, they are excellent as well.


Club 360 has been responsible for educating the Australian Embassy Staff on health & fitness for the past 6 years conducting program design and group fitness classes. During this time, they have been proved to be very knowledgeable, professional and truly passionate about helping people reach their full health potential.


After spending the last 16 years living all over the world, Club 360 is genuinely the first gym that has listened to my needs and taken a holistic approach to my body, lifestyle and needs. I came in with chronic back and hip pain from years sitting in offices even if my general fitness was not too bad. I am now pain free and feel stronger than I ever have before. Trainers, physio, massage all working together in a friendly open environment. What more can you ask for ? Thanks Club 360. You have been awesome.


One of the things that we miss most after leaving Tokyo is working out at Club 360. Annie and I agree that we are in the best shape of our lives thanks to you. The gym facilities and the location are great, but what makes Club 360 truly special and unique is your collective knowledge under one roof. Whether it’s training, physio, or massage therapy, we felt that we only needed to go to one place to strengthen, repair and recover physically (and often times mentally!). If I had to coin a phrase for the Club 360 experience, I’d call it “integrated body wellness”. We will be hard pressed to find a similar place elsewhere.


HOLISTIC & FUNCTIONAL are the two words that first come to my mind when I think of Club 360’s training methods. After observing Nathan with various clients over the past four years, I can state without doubt that his knowledge and advice would benefit ANYONE wishing to improve their current level of fitness and general well-being. Moreover, as a nutritional scientist, I am very impressed with their understanding of nutrition and its important role in helping clients attain their health objectives. I recommend Club 360 as my “gym of choice” to anyone in Tokyo.


My name is Al Gross. I lived and worked as an investment banker in Tokyo where my lifestyle was not always conducive to good health, and around the age of 36, I started to have tightness in my hips, which a year later developed into serious back problems. In nearly all aspects of my life I was in serious pain- in short, life looked bleak. I then began training at Club 360 and with their careful attention to posture, form, core strengthening, and sports massage I was able to stop the deterioration of my back and significantly reduce the constant pain. They taught me a lot of exercises that helped me build myself back to health on my own, which was important since I was leaving Japan in a few months. Today, I live in Miami. I’ve been working out more and doing Brazilian ju-jitsu classes which I never would have attempted two years ago. Over the course of the past year, my back has slowly healed and gotten stronger. I run without any pain now. Even in the morning, I wake up without any problem. I honesty feel 15 years younger than my current age. Thanks to Club 360, I have now regained the active, energetic lifestyle I’d always enjoyed.


Working in a high paced industry and competing in triathlons is a tough demand. Thanks to Club 360’s training I am able to perform my best at work and in sport. Through their specialized training methods I was able to come 2nd in the Laguna Beach International Triathlon in 2006. I look forward to more hard training in the future!


I can honestly say that finding a personal trainer at Club 360 was one of the best decisions I have ever made and worth every penny (or yen in this case). I had always been athletic and into physical fitness however, I had never seriously approached strength training. I occasionally lifted free weights but didn’t always feel very comfortable as a female in the weight room. Training at Club 360 took things to a whole new level. I was able to learn correct breathing technique and posture which I came to understand, is absolutely vital to proper strength training. I gained better understanding of how my anatomy worked and was able to correct my own posture and technique after working with their trainers the confidence to train hard on my own…right along side the muscle heads in the gym. We also worked on strengthening my core which helped ease my chronic lower back pain and I eventually became nearly pain free. After about a year of training there, in the best shape of my life and loving my new found strength and tone, I became pregnant with my first child. I continued to train their all through out my pregnancy. It felt great to stay strong and in shape even while pregnant and I was very active right up until the day I gave birth. The post natal period was much harder than the pregnancy itself as I was exhausted from a hard labor and chronic sleep deprivation but I was determined to get back in shape. Club 360 was the perfect place to ease me back into training and although it was frustrating not to be able to train at the same intensity or have the same level of strength and fitness that I had prior to becoming pregnant, he was very knowledgable regarding post natal recovery and helped understand the importance of taking things slow so as not to injure myself. Although, I no longer live in Tokyo I still seek advice from them on all aspects of fitness, nutrition and health related issues. I have recommended them to many of my friends, all who continue to train there and are very happy with the results.


Nathan has worked with groups of people with varying disabilities including; intellectual, physical and acquired brain injury. Nathan has a wonderful rapport with the participants and is very versatile with his programs. The participants demonstrated great results in all areas; strength and fitness levels, fat loss, motivation and general attitude towards their health- as well as enjoying his company!


I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for 13yrs. I found Club 360’s approach extremely impressive and professional- they were knowledgable about my condition and how to work with it. I have found a dramatic improvement in my physical ability and this has flowed through to an improvement in my quality of life. I am now stronger, have lower body fat and greater muscle mass. I find I am also sleeping much better and my CFS and back problems have improved……. Thank you!


Competing as a World Class Middle Distance Runner requires me to be in constant peak physical condition. Through Club 360’s coaching and encouragement I have found strength and determination that I never thought possible. Above that, I have found great ‘Mates’ and mentors.


I started training at Club 360 to get myself accustomed to exercise again, as I had not been active for approx. 15yrs. In the past year they have got me to reach goals I never thought I could reach. They are a constant source of encouragement, motivation and inspiration. They know exactly how to stimulate me mentally, to give me the strength and encouragement I need to reach new physical heights. All I can say is that I am fitter and happier than I ever have been, and I now have a ‘can do’ attitude towards everything!


I have been treated by physios and therapists all over the world now and Club 360 is definitely up there at the top of the leader-board. Fun to work with and very thorough, the months I spent working with them during my London2London expedition were invaluable. In short, I was broken and they fixed me. I heartily recommend them.

Derek Lee (Google Japan)

I've had 5 personal trainers previously and Bas has been the best! I recently started working with him and have already seen some good gains in my weight training. I have seen my body already start to evolve in under 2 months. Each session is well structured and never boring. I always feel very challenged but never demotivated or stressed. He makes me excited to push through more intense training every session and achieve greater personal heights.

Johan Lunden (CEO Scania)

In order to get back into shape and regain motivation for training I told my family my birthday wish was a personal trainer. Long story short, Sebastian has for almost a year been my motivator and coach to get back into shape. Early Wednesday mornings became an energy booster that lasted basically the full week. Sebastian met my every expectation of making each session varied and challenging to the point of feeling really good about my efforts yet still able survive a full day at the office. I warmly recommend his services and I truly miss not being able to start bright and early on Wednesday mornings anymore having left Tokyo

Chris Waterman

Club 360, under the guidance of Sam Gilbert, was the most enjoyable and successful personal training experience I have ever had. Over a period of 18 months I lost over 10kg in weight but more importantly gained strength and flexibility in all areas allowing me to enjoy and compete in my chosen sports at a higher level. Being an older (50+) customer the importance Sam and the team put on understanding previous injuries and problem areas meant that all exercises were tailored to me and the pre-agreed end result. Since leaving Japan I continue to train but am sad to admit that to date I have not found any comparable personal training offerings. Thanks Sam......

Annika Sandstrom

At Club 360 I get top level training each time I go, whether I wish to improve my kick boxing technique or have tough functional training. They have great instructors who themselves are serious about their training. What makes Club 360 special however is the friendliness and positive attitude from all the staff. Altogether Club 360 has improved my results while I had lots of fun, and that is what training should be all about.

Aled Davies

Since the autumn of 2016 I have being doing some boxing training with Brian McGrath twice a week and supplement this with kettlebell training with Scott Brinkley to improve strength an overall body conditioning. It has also spurred me to take up running and other fitness training to improve stamina for the sessions at Club 360. Club 360 offers an excellent environment to train. The coaching staff/trainers are knowledgeable and encouraging and provide one on one support and guidance. It is well organised. The team avoid over-crowding ensuring that you get a fully intensive one hour session without needing to wait for the use of equipment or space. Compared to other fitness facilities in Tokyo you get your money’s worth. It is always rewarding to see improvements week on week as your strength and stamina improves. The ability to set aside time to have an intensive hour session a couple of days a week has become part of my weekly routine and it has helped me both physically, in terms of improved stamina and muscle function, and mentally in being able to handle the stresses associated with living and working in Tokyo. My fitness levels have improved dramatically and I have been able to lose considerable amount of weight and improve cardiovascular fitness. I feel like a different person.

Bryan Kipping

As you get older there tends to be an increase in body aches & pains that seemingly become more & more difficult to overcome, coupled with an Expat lifestyle that seems to encourage both food & alcohol indulgences, its not too surprising that once your in 40s heading into 50s that you start to notice some unwelcome body excesses as well as mind fatigue. I have been extremely fortunate to have a trainer in Sam that not only helps me to achieve my physical goals but has also been able to address those growing body aches & pains. Through my training with Sam, my body weight is now under control, I feel more energised which has also helped to manage “life stresses”. Club 360 is an oasis within the chaos of Tokyo life, it offers a training program on both an individual & group basis. The team of trainers work with you to ensure that your physical goals are met, they are also very personable & engaging. If your stressed, over weight & recognize your indulging in too many of life’s excesses & are looking to change your lifestyle I would strongly recommend Club 360.”


I came in November of 2016 with hip and lower back pain, limping, and I couldn't run at all. This was a result of a nasty fall among other things. By February or March I was limp-free and walking without pain. By June 2017, I was able to run. This was my first time getting injured, having back pain, and the first time experiencing physiotherapy. With every visit, i felt better and better because the 360 physiotherapists could figure out what was wrong and where (which was quite often NOT in the spot that hurt!) From June and onwards, aches came every now and then but on top of fixing them on that very visit, they also taught me that it's within my control to fix them. That I could easily stretch and roll out the pains on my own and get back to a pain-free life. Thank you so much.

Steve Allison

I first got sciata - radiating pain down the entirety of my leg due to a herniate disc - 16 years ago. After a year of chronic pain, I got a surgery. It worked! For a while anyway. But then about three years ago the sciatica came back, and again after a year or so of toughing it out, I got a second surgery. The results this time were not as clear cut, and though the pain had improved, I was still struggling. And then suddenly it became worse than it had ever been. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to get a more major surgery, a fusion. But what if that didn't work? I decided to give physio a proper try first, and went to Club 360 on the advise of a coworker. I frankly had very little expectation that the phsyio would be successful. Boy was I wrong. It turns out that I had been overly protective of the injury, and that was perpetuating the problem, which had become hugely over-sensitized over time. Sam Gilbert's approach to my case was a combination of targeted rehabilitation exercises and pain education. He has a masterful understanding of how the body works and heals, and guided me to a full recovery. Within a couple of months I had touched my toes for the first time in 14 years. I feel like I am even ahead of where I was when I first became pain-free after the first surgery because the education helped me to understand how to prevent and deal with potential set backs. I can't recommend Club 360 and Sam Gilbert strongly enough. That's all my honest evaluation of the physio. If you were looking for something different, less flowery or whatever, or would like me to rephrase anything let me know.