Yes, that’s right, ski season is upon us, and many of you will be excited to hit the slopes over the coming weeks and months.

Unfortunately, skiing and snowboarding do come with a certain degree of risk, and we spend a lot of the winter months attending to winter sports-related issues. Being injured on the slopes can be a scary experience, particularly as people are generally in an unfamiliar environment and directed towards Japanese hospitals, which don’t often provide the most appropriate recommendations.

Because of this, we have decided to launch our ski injury emergency hotline. If you injure yourself on the slopes and are unsure what to do, please call our reception on 03-6434-9667 and we will have one of our experienced clinicians discuss your condition via telephone call or video conference, and talk you through the most appropriate next steps. In most cases we can have someone call you back within an hour or two. Sessions will be billed as telehealth physiotherapy consultations and claimable with most international health insurance providers.

We sincerely hope that you do not have to use this service, and have an enjoyable and uneventful ski season, however we are here for you should you get yourself into trouble.

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