A tip from Amitha:
My tip for today is to eat more fat. I bet you didn’t expect me to say that, but before you get excited and reach for the cakes and doughnuts, I’m talking about the boring kind of fats – the good fats, which can be found in eggs, nuts, seeds, dairy products, grass fed meats, fish and natural oils such as olive oil and coconut oil.
How many of you have tried a fat free diet? I would assume that the majority of us (myself included!), have attempted a fat free diet at some stage in our lives. This is one of the most common food mistakes that I have seen so many of my clients make.
Fats are critical for our bodily functions, including the development of healthy cell membranes, and our entire body’s energy production is dependent on having cell membranes packed with good fats. A lack of fats make us tired!
Fats are also important for our brain, nervous system, for skin health and reproductive function.
Fats can also help us to lose weight. When we cut down on fats, we become hungry and experience sugar cravings, which then leads to an increase in eating the wrong types of food, which then leads to weight gain.
The question is how much fat do we need?  Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all approach – the answer is that it depends on your lifestyle, your health and fitness goals, your digestion, activity level, and genetics.
There is so much varying and contradictory information about health and diets out there, that it’s hard to know what’s accurate. My mission is to show people that being healthy is easy to do, and that small changes can have a significant impact on being healthy and feeling good.
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