Developed to meet YOUR personal goals and needs. Semi Private Training also available.



Transform your mind and body in 6 weeks with our individualised Training and Nutrition Course


The Club 360 boxing team are experienced coaches and professional fighters


A variety of classes focused on technique and suitable for all fitness levels

Personal Training

Club 360 personal practitioners understand that everyone is different. Most importantly, personal training must be individualised to achieving maximum results. Club 360’s international team of  personal trainers are fully qualified and hold University Degrees and certificates in massage, nutrition, and more. Therefore, we are especially capable of delivering you the results you desire, and most importantly, in a positive and encouraging environment.


We don’t believe in cookie cutter programs. Following a workout you found online, or doing the same workout you saw someone else doing at the gym may be enough to produce some results…for a little while.

To truly get the most out of your training it needs to be individualized – it needs to be designed FOR YOU. We believe in individualized program design with you at the centre. NOT for your coworker, NOT for the person who already has six-pack abs, NOT for anyone elseーthey’re not you and they don’t have the same body or the same needs that you do. We design your training program for you and your body.


Our practitioners don’t train bodies, we train people. We don’t just want to look at your posture. We don’t just want to help you improve your basic movement patterns and your exercise technique. We don’t just want to examine your lifestyle and other factors that affect your training and your health. We want to look at all of that and more – we want to understand you on as many levels as possible.

By taking this holistic approach to your training, we can give you more than just a training program, we can give you more than just a better-looking reflection in the mirror, we offer you more than just a stronger body, we can help you achieve a a happy and healthy lifestyle. There are many things that personal training can help you with, the list is basically endless. However, there are a few people who might not be ready for personal training yet.

Availability is Limited. We are unique in the fitness industry, especially in Tokyo. Our practitioner’s schedules fill up very quickly. If you want to start training – and we would LOVE to help you – contact us to take advantage of your FREE consultation and start your fitness journey today!

Club 360 has 2 convenient locations in central Tokyo: “By the Hills” in Motoazabu and “By the Tower” in Higashiazabu. Upon booking, please let us know which location you prefer.

We understand that entering a fitness facility or commencing an exercise program can be a daunting prospect. We try to take the stress out of this process and help you begin your health and fitness journey in a non-threatening environment, giving the support you need, every step of the way.

We understand that you may have specific needs or conditions that may require specialized management. By filling out our initial questionnaire, we can set you up with the most appropriate practitioner to optimize your results.


Listening to and working with you from day one, our Personal Trainers use a four-step process to ensure you are assessed accurately and receive a customized fitness program that meets your individual needs.


The first step in our approach is to listen to your story. Every individual comes to us with different athletic, training, and medical backgrounds and histories. Also, people’s beliefs and attitudes greatly affect their response to training; this is considered when applying any training intervention. Goals are developed together between client and coach, and are based on a realistic commitment level.


Once training history has been established, the next step is a comprehensive objective assessment, which is a series of movement competency evaluations. Regardless of the goal, fitness must be built upon good movement. Basic movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, bending, twisting, and gait are screened to ascertain to what degree these patterns are safe to load. These tests are combined with assessments of posture and range of movement, to identify potential muscle and joint imbalances that may influence exercise selection and future progression. The last group of tests are specific to your goals, include: an assessment of body composition, strength, power, aerobic endurance or other functional tasks.


Using the information gleaned from our subjective and objective assessments, we formulate an individualized program to help you reach your goals as well as enhancing your movement quality. The aforementioned movement patterns are loaded using a wide variety of different implements and exercises, leading to improvements in your physical capacity. The progression of these exercises is specifically tailored to your needs and abilities, under the watchful eyes of your highly experienced personal trainer. Club 360’s resistance training gym and large open studio offers the perfect environment and tools to maximize your training.


Throughout your personal training process, lifestyle and nutrition factors are earnestly taken into account to maximise your response to personal training and help you achieve the results you desire. Your initial assessment is continually reviewed and repeated to ensure your goals are being met and realised.


At Club 360, we have successfully helped thousands of people achieve their health and fitness goals. With a customized meal plan and a training regime designed especially for you, we are confident that with this intensive 6 week program, we can help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Transforming ourselves is never easy! It requires determination, discipline and a clearly laid out plan. Our team of personal trainers are highly qualified and experienced in individualizing programs to get the very best results for their clients. We are here to do everything in our power to support you throughout your journey.

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semi private training

Gyms have become less and less of a social experience for people, especially since the development of smart devices and wireless headphones. If you enjoy training with others and find it easier to push yourself in a group training environment, our Semi Private Personal Training might be perfect for you. You will receive a personalised programme and train twice a week for 6 weeks. As there is a maximum of 4 people per session, you will receive more individual instruction from your trainer than you would in a group class while still being able to enjoy the social side and motivation that comes with training in a group. This is also perfect for expats that have recently arrived in Tokyo and want to get fit or maintain their fitness while meeting new people and joining a vibrant community at Club 360. Contact us to find out about pricing and when the next course starts!


Our highly qualified team of international boxing, kickboxing and karate coaches are the exclusively chosen trainers for Executive Fight Night. We are here to develop and hone your fighting and self-defence skills. Whether you want to learn to fight, get in the ring, or just get super fit, we can help! So, whether you are a beginner looking for a unique, enjoyable way to work out or an advanced someone searching for serious boxing and kickboxing training, let the experts at Club 360 get you the results you desire. Personal training and classes available.



Club 360’s popular Kid Fit 360, Junior Boxing, and Shinkyokushin Karate classes provide children with an environment to develop a range of athletic abilities, as well as teaching discipline and nurturing self-confidence, all while having fun. To see class descriptions and to book, please see below under “Group Classes”


From Strength Training and Boxing; to Core and Cardio, our group lessons are designed to provide you with maximum results at a pace you can keep up with. Classes offered include Fit 360, Boxing, Kickboxing, Core & Cardio and CBT (Core, Butts & Thighs). Come for the latest and best group class programs, stay for the awesome community! We are so proud to have created a friendly and fun environment that has developed into an amazing community; all thanks to our amazing clients.



This is our flagship class. Here we like to take a multi-faceted approach to training where we use a combination of kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX suspension training, bodyweight exercises and more to blast your body fat into oblivion and help take your strength to the next level. All fitness levels are welcome and you will be selecting your own weights, so don’t second guess yourself just come in and join us!

Come here for bulletproof abs and cardio training. Expect to experience some pilates and fitball exercises that target the core. Your cardio training will be taken care of with boxing, kickboxing, sprints, and other bodyweight exercises. All fitness levels are welcome!

This class uses strength training and Pilates to improve function and muscle tone in the hips, core and thighs. The C.B.T. class is suitable for pre and postnatal ladies, and anyone interested in focusing on toning their hips and tummy! 

Taught by mother of 2 and bikini fitness competitor, Miki Schmid, you will be well guided through a series of proven exercises in a safe and effective manner. Enjoy the burn!

Punch and kick your way to your ideal body! This is another great way to add variety to your usual exercise routine, have fun, and burn a few hundred extra calories. Our KickFit class will increase your coordination, speed, and stamina through high intensity kickboxing drills and circuits. All fitness levels are welcome!


This is guaranteed to do two things: 1. Increase your boxing technique and 2. Push your cardio endurance to new heights while roasting your body fat. This class is as fun as it is intense and incorporates a variety of circuits and core strength to put you through a full body burner. All boxing and fitness levels are welcome. All boxing classes are taught by a trainer with either professional or amateur ring experience. We have members of all levels from complete beginners to more advanced members in class, so there is guaranteed to be someone else in class around your skill level.

Kickboxing classes at Club 360
Be prepared to sweat. This class is focused on technique, but it’s also guaranteed to help you roast some body fat in the process. These classes are so much fun and each class is taught by a trainer with either professional or amateur experience in the ring. All levels are welcome!

Focusing on fitness, strength, and mobility in safe and fun enviornment, Kid Fit 360 will help your child develop gross motor skills and form a long and healthy relationship with exercise.

Ages 8-14 years

Through Shinkyokushin Karate, your child will:

  • Develop strength, flexibility, co-ordination and stamina
  • Develop focus, discipline and self-confidence
  • Learn basic self defence techniques in a safe and fun atmosphere.

All classes are registered with the World Karate Organisation Shinkyokushinkai (WKO).

This class is big on discipline. Come join us and develop your strength, flexibility, coordination, and stamina while developing self-confidence and martial arts skills in a safe and fun atmosphere.
  • Kids karate classes At Club 360 are held:

5 years and over 4:30pm ~ 5:20pm

5 years and over 5:15pm ~ 6:05pm


3-4 years old 3:50pm ~ 4:30pm

5 years and over 4:30pm ~ 5:20pm

5 years and over 5:15pm ~ 6:05pm


* For bookings please email or call 0364349667

* For Nishimachi International School and ASIJ schedules, please contact us.

Ages: 8-14

In Junior Boxing children learn fighting and self-defense skills in a fun and safe environment. The class incorporates some kickboxing and pad work, along with individual and partner practice. There is also a strong focus on fitness, including work on the agility ladder and fitness challenges!


‘At Club 360 I get top level training each time I go, whether I wish to improve my kick boxing technique or have tough functional training. They have great instructors who themselves are serious about their training. What makes Club 360 special however is the friendliness and positive attitude from all the staff. Altogether Club 360 has improved my results while I had lots of fun, and that is what training should be all about.’


‘Club 360 offers an excellent environment to train. The coaching staff/trainers are knowledgeable and encouraging and provide one on one support and guidance. It is well organised. It is always rewarding to see improvements week on week as your strength and stamina improves. My fitness levels have improved dramatically and I have been able to lose considerable amount of weight and improve cardiovascular fitness. I feel like a different person.’


‘I recently started working at Club 360 and have already seen some good gains in my weight training. 

I have seen my body already start to evolve in under 2 months.  Each session is well structured and never boring.  I always feel very challenged but never demotivated or stressed. 

I am excited to push through more intense training every session and achieve greater personal heights.’


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