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When it comes to choosing the right supplements, quality should be the abiding factor,
however, the status quo of many vitamin companies is to cram as many vitamins and
minerals into a single serving as possible, whilst keeping the essential vitamins
and minerals at sub-optimal doses, which is how the vitamin companies save money.
High quality vitamins supplements go in the opposite direction. They zero in on
the vitamins and minerals athletes need in order to ensure optimal performance and
correct major deficiencies. Specific to athletes, those vitamins and minerals would
be vitamins D and K, calcium, magnesium and zinc in their citrate form.

The bottom line when it comes to supplements is that they won’t do you any good
if you are not getting a sufficient dose. Getting the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)
doesn’t mean you’re getting an optimal dose – this is particularly true in the case
of athletes and those that take training very seriously.

Cost should never the deciding factor in vitamin and mineral sourcing.

Fish oil

Fish oils are generally sold in two forms, either in ethyl-ester or triglycerides.
The overwhelming majority sold are ethyl-esters. Both types have shown positive
effects, but there’s a reason why natural triglycerides have a small advantage over
ethyl ester.

To make it simple, triglyceride fish breaks down in the body into fatty acids and
a monoglycerides, and then gets converted back to its triglyceride form for uptake
into the blood stream. Ethyl esters that are broken down don’t have the resulting
monoglyceride molecule that triglyceride’s do. Ethyl ester must get this glycerol
substrate from another source in order to delay its conversion into a triglyceride
for it to enter the bloodstream. This mechanism of action suggests that uptake of
dietary fish oil is more efficient in natural triglyceride form than in ethyl-ester

On top of that, good capsules are caramel coated to mitigate the effect of light
oxidation on fish oil.

Pre-workout supplements

Good pre-workout blends should’t rely on a multitude of ingredients, but should
focus on 3 to 4 scientifically proven ones.
I would consider high quality sources:

* Creatine from creapure

* Beta-Alanine from carnosyn

* Caffeine and tyrosine of USP grade

Creatine and beta-alanine don’t have acute performance effects, but if you’re an
athlete you may benefit from their use.

Nutrition service

At Club 360 we are now offering a number of nutritional programmes designed and
administered by our very own Sebastian, who has studied and worked within the nutritional

Anyone can partake in these programmes, which can be done as a one off consultation
for general questions, and information, or as a long term body recomposition programme.
We can help with many aspects of nutrition, including weight loss/gain for aesthetic
or health based reasons, to aid with training, and many things besides.
Please feel free to contact us [] for more information regarding
our nutritional programmes.

Written by Sebastian Cescon,
Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer at Club 360

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