Club 360 is Tokyo’s premier physiotherapy and multidisciplinary rehabilitation practice. At Club 360, we seek to find and correct the root cause of your problem therefore, providing long-term pain relief and preserve the lifestyle you enjoy. We combine the latest physiotherapy, medical, and sports science evidence with many years of practical experience to deliver to you a world-class level of care. Because our professional physiotherapists liaise with an impressive network of doctors, surgeons, sports coaches, and other health professionals; as well as our in-house fitness staff, we offer the most comprehensive treatment for your ailment and a smooth progression from rehabilitation to full function.


Club 360 physiotherapy features separate treatment rooms for your comfort and privacy. We are located right in the heart of Tokyo, just a 3 minutes’ walk from Roppongi Hills. Club 360 patients have access to cutting-edge physiotherapy facilities, including a fully equipped weights gymnasium and studio, a treadmill for running and walking gait analysis, a postural assessment area using photographic and video analysis, showers, and a relaxing, modern waiting area.

We accept International Health Insurance.


Our Physio 360 physiotherapists use a combination of manual therapy techniques (soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisation and manipulation, muscle energy techniques, taping and bracing) along with exercise prescription, patient education, and lifestyle modification to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries.

We understand that no two injuries are the same, and a thorough assessment will be conducted to accurately diagnose the structural location and severity of your injury as well as the root cause of the problem before formulating the most appropriate treatment plan for your particular issue. At Physio 360, we are experienced in catering to the rehabilitation needs of people from all walks of life, from the elite athlete to the office worker, as well as both young and elderly patients.

In today’s world, the majority of the working population spends an enormous amount of time sitting at a desk. Sustained postures, particularly if they are biomechanically inefficient, can lead to a variety of issues including lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and other upper limb overuse injuries.

For some people, their workplace set-up and occupational behaviours may be a major causative factor in injury development. Club 360’s therapists are trained to assess your desk and surrounding workplace set-up and suggest corrections where required. We will also advise on correct working habits, desk-based exercise interventions and correct lifting techniques.

Biomechanical abnormalities and technical errors in walking and running can be a major causative factor in many different injuries, particularly in serious runners and other athletes. Our therapists are trained to perform gait analysis and offer appropriate corrective interventions. Club 360’s facilities allow us to assess both treadmill and ground running gait using detailed video analysis.

There are several foot and ankle irregularities which may predispose a person to injury in other parts of the body. Whilst we do not prescribe orthotics as a fix-all solution, there are cases where their short term or long term use may be appropriate. Our physiotherapists are trained to prescribe and heat-mold the correct type of orthotic for your foot. The 100% EVA orthotics used are designed by the ICB (International College of Biomechanics) and feature patented dual density technology. More complicated cases will be referred to a podiatrist.

Physio 360 therapists can diagnose and treat the following:

Disc injuries
Facet joint injuries
Referred pain (“sciatica”)
Pelvic and sacroiliac joint problems
and more…

Physio 360 therapists can diagnose and treat the following:

Postural upper back pain
Rib dysfunction
and more…

Physio 360 therapists can diagnose and treat the following:

Disc problems
Facet joint problems
Acute wry neck
and more…

Physio 360 therapists can diagnose and treat the following:


Ligament rupture/tear
Meniscal tear

Ankle sprain
Post ankle fracture rehabilitation

Rotator cuff strain/tear
Shoulder dislocation
AC joint sprain
Labral tears
Muscle strains/tears


Physio 360 therapists can diagnose and treat the following:



ACL reconstruction
Meniscal surgery
Total knee replacement

Subacromial decompression
Rotator cuff repair
Labral repair
Shoulder replacement

Total hip replacement
Labral repair

Ankle ligament repair
Ankle arthroscopy
Achilles tendon repair


360 Wellness for Life is inspired by and modeled on progressive cancer wellness programs in the United States and Australia that provide specific wellness services for patients during cancer treatment. 360 Wellness for Life does not replace any primary treatment for the disease, but helps patients manage the often debilitating physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatment through prescribed exercise and oncology massage.

The side effects of cancer treatment can seriously impact an individual’s desire or ability to be physically active. 360 Wellness for Life prescribed exercise keeps patients active, healthy and achieving all the benefits that exercise can provide. A prescribed exercise program can help patients significantly reduce symptoms like fatigue and physical limitation while maintaining or even increasing strength, flexibility and immune function. Until more recently, exercise was not always acknowledged as an important part of recovery. However, an increasing number of studies support that exercise helps to lessen many of the side effects caused by cancer and associated treatments.

360 Wellness for Life prescribed exercise is individually tailored for each patient. Significant focus is placed on the type and stage of cancer, treatment types and schedules, side effects of treatments, current physical fitness and the patient’s own goals to create a program that is both achievable and effective. No matter where you are on your journey towards survivorship, it’s important for all aspects of your health and well-being to continue to be physically active, maintaining energy for daily activities while building the strength and confidence to enjoy a lifetime to come.

360 Wellness for Life oncology massage gently supports cancer patients through all stages of treatment, recovery and survivorship. The main goal of treatment is to provide comfort and reduce anxiety. It follows that reducing patient stress can increase sleep quality and support immune function, thus increasing tolerance for and encouraging a positive response to cancer treatment. Careful consideration is taken with each patient to assess the individual’s overall condition in relation to cancer staging, treatments, side-effects and overall health. Massage is modified for each patient with specific positioning, bolstering, pressure, and duration to optimize patient safety, comfort and effectiveness. The focus is always on the person, not the disease.

Research has shown that oncology massage is a safe complimentary treatment to primary cancer care, when performed by a qualified practitioner. Studies strongly support that oncology massage can increase quality of life by managing stress and anxiety and reducing cancer and treatment pain. Anecdotal evidence also supports that oncology massage can sometimes reduce the severity of fatigue and nausea and give much-needed respite during cancer treatment, creating a welcome sense of normalcy and promote a healthy, holistic view of the body.
Please address any enquiries regarding 360 Wellness for Life to Lisa Batey, lbatey@localhost.