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From Sweden with a diverse range of experience and knowledge, Magnus grew up doing a multitude of sports such as swimming, gymnastics and track and field. Mentioned several times in the Swedish “Best of track and field” , Magnus’s career was cut short due to several injuries. This lead him to become an exercise and sports physiotherapist, which was followed by a further education in exercise- and sports science and psychology. After many years in the industry Magnus worked for the Swedish national team as a coach and guide for the reigning European Paralympic champion of blind female long jumping (Viktoria Karlsson) with the goal of preparing her for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He guided and helped coach her through the world championship in London, GP Berlin and the European championship in Berlin.

Magnus has experience in training with a diverse range of clients and continues to do so in Tokyo, Japan at Club 360.


*Bsc. physiotherapy

*Bsc. sports and exercise science and psychology

*Classic Swedish/sports massage (PRO athlete)

*Gymnastics and parkour instructor (Swedish gymnastics society)


*Adaptive exercise for people with disabilities.

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