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Marco is from Florence, in Italy. He achieved a Bachelor Degree in History at the University of Florence and a Master Degree in Japanese and Asian Studies at Saitama University. Marco started practicing Judo when he was five, then transitioned to Boxing and Muay Thai/Kick-Boxing at the age of fifteen. After competing in several amateur bouts he went two times training in Thailand and professionally fought once at the Petchbuncha Stadium. Before coming to Japan he got third place at the amateur K-1 Open World Tournament and also won the amateur boxing tournament “Etruria ” in Tuscany.

In Japan, after winning two national amateur tournaments (Kaminarimon and J-Network) he turned Pro. Today Marco is still an active professional Kick-Boxer. Being also a language and culture teacher, when coaching, Marco recognizes the importance of communication, making sure people from any level can fully enjoy training and the rewarding feeling coming together with achievements along the way.

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