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Post-marathon return to training

The Tokyo Marathon was held on Sunday March 5th, a little over a month ago. If you were one of the amazing participants who participated and made it through, congratulations. The completion of a marathon is a huge athletic accomplishment, requiring dedicated preparation and a huge amount of intestinal fortitude.

As it’s reported that up to 90% of marathon runners will get injured during training or competition each year, it’s likely that more than a few of you may have suffered some aches and pains after the event. For some people this is just a normal part of putting our bodies through this type of stress. For some of you, however, ongoing pain or soreness may be preventing you from recommencing training, or limiting your participation in other physical activities. 

Recovery from running injury often requires a tailored rehabilitation plan, with a graded return to activity, which may also involve specific exercises to restore capacity in the affected area. Manual therapy, taping and other adjunct treatment modalities may also speed up the recovery process.

In some cases, imaging and other investigations may be required to assess for more potentially serious pathology (e.g. stress fracture), which would necessitate other forms of management. 

If you are still suffering some post-marathon pain, come in and see one of our experienced physios and let us help get you back on track. 

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