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Almost all rehab explained with 3 lines

Most of what we do in rehab revolves around the fundamental concept of load. Our bodies have an inbuilt buffer between the amount of tissue damage and the amount of pain we experience. When pain or injury is present, much of the time it is because:

1) We have done too much too quickly. The load has exceed the protection system in the body

2) Our tissue capacity (and with it the pain protection line) has decreased

3) The buffer has increased, meaning we are experiencing more pain with the same amount of issue stress or the same pain with less tissue stress.

The approach to rehab is to reverse engineer this process; decreasing loads to allow a pain state or injury to settle, increasing issue tolerance, decreasing the pain protection buffer.

This framework appears quite simple, and in a way it is, however there are so many different factors that can affect each of these aspects. This is why it is important to conduct a full assessment of all the possible relevant factors to someones pain and injury state, in order to personalise the rehab process and make each intervention specific to the required outcome.

If you are struggling with pain or injury and need a bit of guidance, come and speak to one of our experienced clinicians and we will help guide you through the rehab process.

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