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New and Exciting Findings in the Field of ACL Rehab!

In this week’s look at the science, we are discussing the recent rise in research into the cross bracing protocol (CBP) as a means of allowing natural healing of the ACL post-rupture, as opposed to a reliance on reconstructive surgery. In the paper above, we see as many as 90% of the cohort treated with CBP showing some degree of ligament healing. There is obviously some apprehension surrounding this protocol, as there is potential to miss out on the crucial early stages of rehab for a 10% of non-healing. However with the possible long term implications of lower reinjury incidence, improved functional outcomes and reduced health care burdens, this makes for an interesting area to keep our eye on. As always, a friendly reminder from your physio that tissue healing is only part of the recovery. Proper rehab including comprehensive strengthening, stability training and gradual activity progression are essential to give you the best chance of making a full return to pre-injury activity.

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